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Armchair Gardening: Come Visit My Garden

One of my favorite things to do is to visit gardens - I bet you do too! Due to COVID-19 that's not possible, so why not indulge in some armchair gardening and walk my garden with me.

This garden was added when my daughter Erin decided she wanted to get married in the garden. At the termination of this path is a circular space where she and Parker exchanged their vows. It was a thrill to have her married here. This is five years later.

I read this every time I enter the garden. It's a reminder and a promise.

'Jack Frost' Brunnera was a chance since everyone told me it wouldn't work in Texas. You can barely see the beautiful baby blue flowers.

Clematis is one of my favorites. I place them (sometimes multiple varieties or colors) at the base of trees and let them scramble up. This one is 'Versailles' and it looks like it would use another layer of chicken wire so that it can climb higher.

In the pot are Verbena bonarensis cuttings that overwintered and are ready to be planted out. The vine going up the tree is Hydrangea vine; if you're not familiar with it, it's worth checking out.

Jackson is my constant companion in the garden. Wind chimes; every garden needs a little music.

Thanks for visiting my garden. I hope it gave you joy.

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