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Armchair Gardening: Visit Sandy Graham's Garden

When I invited the members of The Herb Guild to share their gardens with you, Sandy Graham was the first to respond. Sandy has acres of beautiful land in the country and she is a dedicated gardener. A property of this size takes endurance and Sandy is up to the task. Thankfully she has a golf cart to get around and a faithful helper to keep her company.

Iris provide valuable verticals in the garden and are a favorite for their beautiful form and colors. Mother of hundreds is in the middle. Sandy says that "once you have one, you have bazillions" so she grows it in a pot; it also makes it easier to bring into the greenhouse that husband Bill built when the weather turns cold.

Honeysuckle and Coral Honeysuckle decorate fences and fill the air with their sweet fragrance. They also bring pollinators into the garden. The Trumpet Vine will bloom later in the season. As you know, Trumpet Vine needs a sturdy trellis, so Sandy's husband Bill built this amazing 12' tall trellis.

False Indigo is a stately plant with long-lasting blooms. This came up in the acre adjoining Sandy's property and she enjoys it while working in her vegetable garden. Did you know that False Indigo is a member of the pear family and helps fix nitrogen in the soil.

The bluebird houses were put up this spring and hopefully will have tenants shortly.

With all of his projects, Sandy's husband is a regular at Home Depot. He cruises the garden center and rarely comes home empty-handed. This Piericallis (also known as Cineraria) was a recent gift for Sandy.

Also on the property but not pictured is a grand tree house where Sandy would play with her grandchildren (who are now 20, 21 and 23).

Thanks Sandy for sharing your garden with us. It made me smile.

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