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Have You Heard About That Tree?

 Photo from   Mark Hirsh Photographer

Mark Hirsh was a speaker at the 2016 Southern Region Master Gardener Conference in Arlington, TX. I have to confess that I had never heard of him and his project, although there were some in the audience that have been following him for some time.

His presentation was inspiring and heartfelt and I found myself welling up on several occasions. I would encourage you to 'Friend" him on Facebook and investigate his incredible journey. This is his speaker bio that appeared in the Conference Brochure:

While recovering from a serious car accident in 2012, Mark Hirsch was inspired by a friend to use his iPhone to document a year-long photo-a-day project focusing on an old burr oak tree.

Mark, a career photojournalist as well as an artist and naturalist, embraced the challenge, resulting in a transformative experience of healing and self-discovery. The project ultimately went viral, garnering international attention from broadcasters, magazines, newspapers, and online outlets around the world.

The photos are the subject of the current exhibit and his coffee table book, "That Tree".

Mark spent 20 years in the newspaper industry as a photojournalist, photo editor and visuals editor before embarking on a freelance career in 2006 as an editorial, corporate and landscape photographer. His clients include Getty Images, the New York Times, and the John Deere Corporation. He lives in Platteville,, Wisconsin and works out of Dubuque, Iowa.

Thanks Mark for sharing your story with us.

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