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Immunity Tea

Cold and flu season is upon us.  Being sick is a nuisance that interrupts our life and makes us feel yucky.  Sometimes getting sick is a sign of a weak immune system caused by insufficient sleep, high stress levels and poor digestion, so think about these issues first.

Then arm yourself with herbs that can bolster your immune system.  My favorite herbs are turmeric, ginger and lemon, and they are a winning combination from both a synergistic and taste perspective.

Tea is the easiest way to enjoy herbs and only takes a few moments.  Slice a few rounds of turmeric and ginger and place them in a mug (clean up the work surface immediately as turmeric will stain).  Squeeze a wedge of lemon into the mug and add a pinch of black pepper (to boost the absorption of the turmeric).  Fill the mug with almost-boiling fresh spring water and cover.  Let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy.

If you are prone to arthritis, don't be surprised if you feel a lessening of symptoms after drinking this tea daily for a month.

Note:  Research is inconclusive about the safety turmeric for children.  Check with a medical practitioner.

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