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Just in Time for Cooler Weather: Littleneck Clam Stoup

When we were in New Orleans last week, we had a marvelous meal at Seaworthy (630 Carondelet Street). Located in a historic townhouse near Lafayette Square, the atmosphere was charming and the food inspired.

I had the Littleneck Clams and dreamed of them for days before going to the market and trying to replicate the dish.

20-30 Littleneck Clams 2 slices Bacon

1 large Shallot, minced 1 medium Jalapeno Pepper, minced

½ Anaheim Pepper, minced 4 cloves Garlic, minced

2-1/2 cups Seafood Stock ¾ cup White Wine

Juice of 1 Lemon 2 Tblsp. Lemon Balm, chopped

2 Tblsp. Cilantro, chopped ¼ cup Heavy Cream

- Scrub the clams and soak them in a large bowl of ice water until needed.

In a large, heavy bottomed pan, cook the bacon until just beginning to crisp. Remove and set aside; chop when cool.

- Add the shallot, peppers, and garlic to the pan and sauté until soft. Add the stock, wine and lemon juice and bring to a boil. Add ½ the lemon balm and cilantro.

- Boil until the liquid is reduced to 1-1/2 cup. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

- Drain and add the clams to the pan, cover and steam until they open (8-10 minutes).

- Remove the clams with a slotted spoon and place in shallow soup bowls.

- Stir in the cream and cook until just beginning to thicken (3-5 minutes).

- Pour liquid over clams, garnish with chopped bacon and herbs and serve with crusty bread.

Serves 2

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