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What Tree Did You Fall From? - August


This is for fun only; it is not scientific or research based!

The source and author are unknown

Born August 1 - 4: The Cypress is your tree

You are strong and muscular and strive to be content. You take what life has to give but don’t necessarily like it. You want to be financially independent and seek love and affection and have a deep desire to be needed. You hate being alone. You are a faithful and passionate lover but it is hard to satisfy you. At times you can be unruly and careless and show a quick temper. You seek knowledge and will be a life-long student.

Born August 5 - 13: The Poplar is your tree

You can be extremely courageous if necessary and are reliable in any situation. You take partnership seriously, but are very choosy and can hold a grudge. Goodwill and pleasant surroundings are important to you. You are attractive, talented, a good organizer and have an artistic nature but lack self-confidence. You have a philosophical outlook on life.

Born August 14 – 23: The Cedar is your tree

You have a rare strength and know how to adapt. You enjoy good health and are self-confident. You love unexpected presents. You have many talents and are determined and industrious, but often impatient and try to impress others. You have a healthy optimism and will wait for your one true love. You have the ability to make quick decisions.

Born August 24-31: The Pine is your tree

You seek out agreeable company and crave peace and harmony. You love to help others, have great compassion and are friendly to all, but crave affection and reassurance. You fall strongly in love, but will leave if betrayed or lied to. You are emotionally soft and have low self-esteem. You have an active imagination and are a great writer. You are not fashion conscious.

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