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What Tree Did You Fall From? - November

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Disclaimer: This is for fun only; it is not research based

The source and author are unknown

November 1 – November 11: The Walnut is your tree

You are spontaneous, full of contrasts and unexpected reactions. An ingenious strategist, not always liked but often admired. Temper your tendency to be unrelenting, aggressive and egotistic and lean towards your noble side. You look at the world with a broad horizon. You can be jealous and difficult, but are a passionate and uncommon partner.

November 12 – November 21: The Chestnut is your tree

You are an impressive, born diplomat with a well-developed sense of justice. A planner and hard worker, you are fun to be around, but be aware that you can sometimes be perceived as acting superior. You are a fiercely loyal friend and very family oriented.

November 22 – November 30: The Ash is your tree

You are extremely attractive, ambitious, vivacious, talented and intelligent, but at times are impulsive, demanding and can be egotistic. A restless lover who demands attention and needs a lot of love and emotional support; you do not like to be criticized. Beware the tendency for money to rule over your heart.

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