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What Tree Did You Fall From - December

What Tree Did You Fall From? – December

Disclaimer: This is for fun only, it is not research based.

The source and author are unknown.

December 1 – December 11: The Hornbeam is your tree

You are a cool beauty who cares for your looks and physical condition, but are surprisingly not egotistic, and you lead a reasonable and disciplined life. You have good taste and use it to make life comfortable for your family. Choose a partner who is kind and supportive, and who will acknowledge your emotions as you are seldom happy with your feelings and are never quite sure of your decisions.

December 12 – December 21: The Fig is your tree

You have artistic talent and great intelligence and are a hard worker when you want to be. Being very strong minded, independent and willful is tempered by your honesty and loyalty and love of life and friends. You hate contradiction or arguments and will use your great sense of humor to make peace. You enjoy children and animals.

December 22: The Beech is your tree

You have very good taste and are materialistic, but this is moderated by your economical and reasonable nature. You are a good leader who doesn’t take any unnecessary risks. You are concerned about your looks and keen on keeping fit. Your life and career and well organized. You make a splendid lifetime companion.

December 23 – December 31: The Apple is your tree

You have lots of charm, appeal and a pleasant attitude. Quiet and shy at all times, but your flirtatious smile gives away your adventurous spirit. You are very generous with your many talents. Sensitive and a lover of children. Choose an affectionate partner who values that you are loyal in love and a faithful and tender partner who wants to love and be loved.

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