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What Tree Did You Fall From - January

Disclaimer: This is for fun only, it is not research based.

The source and author are unknown.

January 1 – January 11: The Fir is your tree

You have extraordinary taste and love anything beautiful. Modest about your talents, you are very reliable and have many friends. You handle stress well and recuperate with periods of laziness after long demanding hours of work. It is hard for you to trust others, yet you are a social butterfly who cares deeply for those close to you. Temper a tendency to be stubborn; especially in judging others.

January 12 – January 24: The Elm is your tree

Your pleasant shape carries the tasteful clothes you love well. An honest and faithful partner who makes modest demands, and is cheerful and generous with a good sense of humor. You like to lead and make decisions for others, but not to obey; you are usually forgiven because you are noble minded. Temper your tendency to not forgive mistakes.

January 25 – January 31: The Cypress is your tree

As you strive to be content, your optimistic nature allows you to take what life has to give but are not necessarily happy about it. Strong and adaptable you have a need to be needed and seek love and affection. Your desire to be financially independent will lead you to gain the knowledge necessary to make it happen. Temper your quick temper and the tendency to be careless.

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