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What Tree Did You Fall From - June

What Tree Did You Fall From?


This is for fun only; it is not scientific or research based!

The source and author are unknown

Born June 1 - 13: The Hornbeam is your tree

You are a cool beauty who cares for your looks and condition but are not egoistic. You have good taste. You like to make life as comfortable as possible. You lead a reasonable and disciplined life and are very conscientious. You look for kindness and acknowledgement in a partner. You mistrust most people and are never sure of your decisions.

Born June 14 - 23: The Fig is your tree

You are very strong-minded and a bit self-willful. You are honest, loyal, independent and a hard worker (when you want to be). You love life and friends, and enjoy the company of children and animals. You have a great sense of humor and intelligence. You have artistic talent. You hate contradiction or arguments.

Born June 24: The Birch is your tree

You are vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, and abhor anything vulgar (including anything in excess). You are calm, not very passionate, have little ambition, but are full of imagination. You create a calm and content atmosphere in your home and wherever you are.

Born June 25 – 30: The Apple is your tree

You are quiet and shy at times, but have a flirtatious smile and adventurous spirit. You are loyal in love and want to love and be loved by a faithful and tender partner. You have lot of charm, are attractive and have a pleasant attitude. You are generous and love children. You have many talents.

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