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What Tree Did You Fall From - May

What Tree Did You Fall From?


This is for fun only; it is not scientific or research based!

The source and author are unknown

Born May 1 – 14: The Poplar is your tree

You are talented and extremely courageous if necessary. You need to be surrounded with goodwill and pleasant surroundings. You are very discriminating, often lonely, and tend to be philosophical. You are reliable in any situation and take partnership seriously. You are not very self-confident, can hold great animosity, have an artistic nature and are a good organizer.

Born May 15 - 24: The Chestnut is your tree

You are of unusual stature, impressive and have a well-developed sense of justice. You are fun to be around, a planner, a diplomat and can be irritated easily. You are sensitive of the feelings of others, a hard worker, sometimes act superior and feel you’re not understood at times. You are fiercely family oriented, very loyal in love and physically fit.

Born May 25 – June 3: The Ash is your tree

You are extremely attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding and do not care for criticism. Highly ambitious and intelligent, you are talented and like to play with fate. You can be egotistic and sometimes money rules over the heart. You demand attention and need love and emotional support. You are reliable but a restless lover.

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