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What Tree Did You Fall From - September


This is for fun only; it is not scientific or research based!

The source and author are unknown

Born September 1 - 12: The Weeping Willow is your tree

You like to be stress free and may become demanding and difficult to live with when under pressure. You suffer in love until you find a loyal, steadfast partner and then you embrace family life and create a happy home filled with laughter. You are physically attractive and very empathetic. You are restless and impulsive and will often dash off to exotic places. You are full of hopes and dreams, love anything beautiful and are musically inclined. You are honest and have good intuition, but can be easily influenced.

Born September 13 - 22: The Lime is your tree

You are intelligent, hardworking, loyal, and have excellent leadership qualities. You accept what life dishes out (but not before trying to change bad circumstance into good ones). When under stress, you may become complaining and jealous. You put on a tough façade, but are actually soft and relenting, and always willing to make sacrifices for family and friends. You have many talents but not always the time to use them. Try to take time in your busy schedule to get away on vacation (even if it is just for a long weekend).

Born September 23: The Olive is your tree

You love sun and warmth and summer if your favorite time of year. You have kind feelings towards all and are free of jealousy. You are tolerant, reasonable, balanced, calm, and cheerful. You avoid aggression, abhor violence and have a well-developed sense of justice. You are sensitive and empathetic, and love to read. Make it a point to enjoy the company of sophisticated people.

Born September 24 - 30: The Hazelnut is your tree

You are charming, popular, honest, and have a great sense of humor. You are a perfectionist and can be quite moody and demanding, but also very understanding. You have a precise sense of judgement and expect complete fairness. You know how to make a lasting impression. You are an active fighter for social causes and politics.

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