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Winter Weather Predicted!

Hey North Texas! We’ve had a couple of cold days, but mostly our weather has been mild this winter. That is predicted to change this weekend. Although day time temperatures won’t be super cold, night time temperatures are predicted to plummet. January is traditionally our coldest month, so if you haven’t taken action until now, it's time.

Disconnect hoses from faucets and protect them with covers. Wrap any exposed pipes with insulation (or bubble wrap).

Empty watering cans and bird baths before sundown to protect them from cracking when the water freezes.

If your rain barrels are full, release some of the water to allow for expanding freezing water.

Cover blooming plants and shrubs with frost cloth to protect the flowers. Cover newly planted shrubs and vegetables with frost cloth. You can use old blankets too, but do not use plastic. Remove the covers when the morning warms up.

Bring citrus and tropical plants into the garage until the weather passes.

Even cold hardy palms can benefit from protection. Here are some ideas:

Hardy plants in containers can remain outdoors, but give them a good watering before the cold temperatures arrive.

To protect large urns, try Martha Stewart’s method of wrapping the urns with burlap:

We’ve had dry weather and this can be more damaging than the cold (especially for evergreens). A 50% chance of precipitation forecast yesterday has changed to 0%, so water today or tomorrow morning when the temperature is above 40 degrees. Water early enough in the day that the foliage will dry before the low temperatures arrive. Water acts as an insulator and will help protect your lawn and shrubs.

If you’re planning to hunker down for the weekend, bring up some firewood, gather the ingredients for your favorite soup, and dip into that stack of books you’ve been wanting to enjoy.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!

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